A Look at Mi’s Electric Scooter 1S

Mi was just a smartphone brand a few years back and now it has become one of the best launcher of budget friendly innovations. It launched the M365 Electric Scooter in 2017 and has become a huge hit among people. Now mi has comeback with its latest launch of scooter to our doorstep. The mi electric scooter 1s and mi electric scooter 2 pro has hit the stage and has been a show stealer. You can get your hands on this gadget at the best price online. Before making the purchase first let us take a look at what made this bike a great hit.

The basic noteworthy features

The Mi electric scooter 1S has a 30km long range with a maximum speed of 25km/h. it weighs about 12.5 Kg. this is developed  under the ecosystem called Mi ecosystem MIJIA. The folding design of the scooter is highly efficient and it allows you to fold just within 3 seconds. Ok that is really fast. It is powered by a 250W DC motor which offers maximum power of up to 500 W. It processes 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres, a multifunctional dashboard, aerospace grade aluminum body and E-ABS+ disc brake. 


It houses the highest quality and high-safety lithium battery that gives long range of 30km. it is a high-safety 18650 power lithium battery that offers a durable performance. A full charge will last for long.

Changeable speed modes

The mi electric scooter comes with three speed modes that can be changed by easy switch. When you are on your way to work, click S that is the sports mode (0-25km/h) to go faster. When strolling through the park click D and shift to the standard mode (0-20km/h). If you are passing through heavy crowd press n the pedestrian mode (0-5km/h). You can easily shift between modes. All you have to do is double press the power button to initiate change and easily adjust the mode according to your surroundings. 

Kinetic energy recovery system

Compared to the previous models launched by mi, the kinetic energy systems in the latest model have been improved to perform efficiently. It is designed to recover the kinetic energy of each braking and non-powered coasting. This collected energy is the converted into usable electric energy. The efficiency of the energy range can be tweaked and adjusted according to your needs through the Mi home app.

Central control system

The central control system has a multifunctional dashboard that displays 8 kinds of data. It also comprises one, button multiple function option.


Mi electric scooter 1s has an efficient and contemporary design that is made of low density aerospace grade aluminum. This can hold up to 100kg. The bike is both light and durable compared to others. 

Double braking system

The brakes are shorter to ensure safer drive. The back wheel employs a large perforated brake disk with high braking power while the front wheel has an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for increased efficiency. When you apply the brake, the front and rear systems activate each other thus shortening the braking to be safer.

New-gen pneumatic towers

The pneumatic tires have become more resistant and robust and also explosion-free. The durability of tires has increased up to 3 times. It is not only feather like on flat roads but less bumpy on non-paved roads.

Buy online

On the best electronic gadgets site you can get both mi scooter 1 and 2 pro at the beat deal. It will be delivered to our door step without any hassle. If you are lucky, you may get beauties at offer price. You can also get other Mi electric scooter essential online from a top-notch electronic site.