AA vs AAA Battery – Know the Difference

Batteries were first discovered in the early 19th century; however, they are still relevant today. Since from the days of early radios to the era of modern smartphones, all electronic gadgets depend on batteries. Today most of our daily activities are handled by electronic devices that require a battery to run them. So, directly and indirectly, the batteries have become a vital part of our life. These batteries come in various shapes and sizes with different capacities and places of usage. But the most common of all these batteries are AA and AAA batteries.

Before diving into to point out the differences between AA and AAA batteries, let’s have a glance at them.

AA Battery:

These batteries are known as double-A batteries. These batteries are the standard-sized dry cell batteries and produce nearly about 1.5 volts of electricity. They come in cylindrical. They are mainly used for more gaint toys and equipment. There are several brands manufacturing AA batteries, such as Anker Kuwait. Anker AA Batteries are high-capacity and long-lasting batteries.

AAA Battery:

These batteries are known as triple-A batteries. Like AA batteries, these batteries also come in a cylindrical shape and produce the same 1.5V but are smaller in terms of length and diameter. They are mostly used for more compact devices such as alarm clocks and TV remote controls. Anker AAA Batteries by Anker can also be the right choice for long-lasting batteries.

Differences between AA and AAA batteries

Now let’s discuss the main differences between AA and AAA batteries.

Size: This is the crucial difference that you can quickly notice when you see them. In terms of dimension or size, the AA batteries are relatively bigger than the AAA batteries. The AA batteries are 49.2–50.5 mm in length and weigh around 23g, while the AAA batteries are 13.5–14.5 mm long and weigh approximately 15g. The size of the battery is an essential characteristic as it decides as to how much electrochemical charge a battery can store.

Capacity: The AA and AAA batteries give out the same amount of voltage, which is 1.5 volts. But, since the AA batteries are bigger, they can store more charge than that of AAA batteries. To be specific, the AA batteries have a charge capacity of up to 2400mAh, while AAA batteries can store charge of up to 1000mAh capacity.

Usage: The AA batteries can store more charge and hence are used in more power-hungry devices like toys, wall clocks, and other portable electronics. In contrast, the AAA batteries are used in small electronic devices like the TV remote control, digital cameras, and MP3 players. These devices require low power for their operations and hence work correctly with AAA batteries.

Both AA and AAA batteries work on the same principle and produce the same amount of output voltage. But as you have seen the difference between them, they are still quite different from each other in factors like usage, capacity, and dimensions.

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