An Overview of Eufy Smart Scale’s Benefits

Every one of us is familiar with the traditional digital scales that are used to measure the body weight and display it in various units. But people have become more conscious about health and therefore want to know more about their body. To satisfy this growing need of people, the market saw a lot of smart digital scales that give valuable insights into your body. One such scale that stirred the world is the Eufy smart scale. This scale through the app via Bluetooth connection offers various invaluable data about your body. Let us take a look at how this smart scale will benefit you with jam-packed features.

How the app works

The working of the scale is quite simple. First turn on Bluetooth then open the EufyLife app to pair with the scale. The EufyLife app is compatible with devices running iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3+. Once connected with the app, take off your shoes and socks and step on the scale. Here a small tip is to place the scale on a hard and flat surface for more accurate measurements. Also, place your foot to the right and left of the metallic circle. Make sure that you don’t stand at the center of the smart scale. The scale will measure your body weight and will give you other insights like BMI in the app. Track your reading and compare it with others to get a comprehensive insight into your health. The weight can be measured on a different scale that is from 11lbs - 397lbs, 0st 11lbs - 28st 5lbs to 5kg - 180kg.

The smart scale supports pairing with multiple devices and you need to connect and disconnect while the users are changed. Also, all your data is either stored in Apple health or Google fit for convenient and easy access. Doesn’t this make our job of storing data way easier?

The P1 smart scale

The smart scales are becoming more and more affordable and one of the best in Eufy’s lineup is Eufy Smart Scale P1. When it comes to price, it is cheaper than other brands. Did you know that this model measures in 14 different metrics? The new feature is body age estimation and protein level measurement. The main things that are measured by the scale are weight, fat, mass, and bone mass percentages.

Only weight is measured on the scale while to take a look at various measures you have to dive into the app. The interface of the app is clear, crisp, and easy to navigate. The app will give you some guidelines on what numbers to aim for. You also can see the historical grafts for BMI, and fat & muscle percentages, one downside to the app is that it doesn’t have a pregnancy mode.

Bottom line

The Eufy smart scale is highly popular owing to its precise measurement of your weight and other attributes like BMI, bone weight, etc. if you want this smart scale place order immediately online and get it delivered to your home. Get holistic insights about your health and have followed healthy living.