Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh: A PowerBank for Kuwait

With mobile connection of around 174% of the total population and social media penetration of 99%, it can be easily concluded that people in Kuwait are ardent cell-phone users. But the problem with these mobiles is that they can’t stay charged for long and are required to be charged every now and then. Given the extent to which we are dependent on mobile phones for our daily activity, having a discharged mobile can be really frustrating at times and could pose a serious problem if a charging port is not nearby. Hence, having a power bank as your companion that can provide a very long and reliable battery back-up is surely a need of the hour. In fact, the whole point is about having a reliable back-up for unforeseen circumstances. Thus, the power bank should be very reliable when it comes providing services.  And who else can it be other than Anker for providing reliable, trustworthy and dependable product.  Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh comes to rescue.


The main feature which makes it suitable for its job is its portability. With dimension of 5.7 X 2.8 X 0.6 (l*b*h) and weight of around 7.4 ounces, the power bank can easily be carried anywhere by just slipping into one’s pocket. It’s quite slim and easy to use. Connect your phone with it and place it over the power bank and you will be easily using your phone without any hassle.


The power bank is mainly built for smartphone as its 10000 mAH battery can easily charge any phone twice. It has two input port – USB-C and micro USB. No matter what charger you are using for your smartphone, you would be able to use it for this power bank as well.  
However, the input and output charging speed is standard and the power bank does not have Quick charging feature. So if you want quick charging power bank, then Anker PowerCore II 10000 can be your choice. However, it has a Trickle Charging option that slows down charging to prevent over-charging of your mobile and keep the battery of your phone safe.


The power bank looks really stylish and premium. Its shape, size and style is wonderfully designed. The ports are beautifully coloured in blue. The power bank is made up of plastic like other Anker product and is build strong enough to survive daily usage. 


This Anker power bank is best in the class and has been receiving positive reviews ever since its launch. The high capacity and portability is what expected from power banks and the power bank is great at both end. Thus, serves the customer well. The innovative two input ports are welcome. Charging speed is average, although, it could have been a quick charge. It looks quite a premium product to have and saves your battery from getting over charged by trickle charging feature. It is really a great choice as a power bank in mid-range category and can cater to the demand of a huge chunk of population in the country. So if you are looking for this Anker power bank in Kuwait, feel free to reach us as it is all about reliability.