Anker Powerhouse Solar Panel Installation Everything You Need to Know!

Saving the planet when you live in a country that has abundant sunlight has become easy thanks to the advent of solar energy. There are multiple ways of harnessing the sun’s energy, but the most popular one is using solar panels. There are several reasons for the same such as their lower installation cost and better ROI. But installation of Anker powerhouse solar panel requires understanding some essential factors. If you are someone looking forward to installing a solar panel then, consider the following factors.


Condition of Rooftop


Before we start with the process, a brief understanding of how it works may also be needed. Anker powerhouse solar consist of several solar panels which are an assembly of Solar or photovoltaic cells, electric conduit and AC/DC switches. The good news about solar panels is that they can work 20-25 years after installation and can save a huge load that comes in terms of electricity bills. But the roof needs a thorough inspection before you get started with the installation of a solar panel. Here three-pointers are of importance. Firstly make sure that your roof is in a good condition. This will save you from the unnecessary repairs that may spoil the life of your Anker powerhouse solar too. Next, ensure that there is enough space for the installation. Size of solar panels depends on the energy consumption that is needed. Lastly but most importantly make sure that there is no shade on the rooftop to capture maximum sunlight.

 Increase the Efficiency


There is no mystery to the fact that all solar panels don’t work the same. Even though finding an Anker powerhouse solar charging can be a good way to harness energy as an alternative to solar panels. But for a solar panel, the easiest way is to provide the right conditions from the beginning. For this the slope of the rooftop should be 10 to 30 degrees this necessitates proper drainage and removal of debris. This is vital to increase the life of your solar panel as water as well as particulate matter can both decrease its efficacy. Another good practice is to have a north-facing rooftop as this will generate the maximum amount of electricity.


Determine the Power Needs


There are several types of Anker powerhouse solar panels available. But you need to determine the right one for your need. This should depend upon the average consumption that your building has. Most companies will help you out with it, but knowing a rough estimate would be an add on! Also look closely at the warranty offered. This is because you need to be with your solar panel for about 25 years hence choose a reliable partner.




Solar panels can help you save money that you spend on electricity bills. Even though solar panels will generally not give you a hard time. Still, it is recommended that you do your bit in making the conditions favourable for the device to trap maximum sunlight. Also make sure that your rooftop can bear the weight of the solar panel.