Apple AirPod Pro: Apples Latest Effort Towards True Wireless Earphones

With AirPods Pro, Apple has introduced a new design for its Airpods and noise-cancelling feature. Apples bid to take on the market of true wireless earphone seems to get materialize with the introduction of this new earphone.


A new design has been introduced with the latest Apple AirPods Pro. Although they still are made of the same white, glossy plastic, but the stem is shorter with a little bigger earpiece which is is IPX4 sweat and water resistant. The earphones are no longer have outer ear fit but in-canal fit with the introduction of rubber ear-tips. The rubber tips come in three size- small, medium and large to ensure best fit and are uniquely fit into the earpiece. This ensure the best noise cancellation.

Run the ‘Ear Tip Fit Test', to determine the best fitting eartips for your ears. This would result in your best experience with the earphone and at the same time it would maintain comfort level even when you are wearing them for longer durations.

The Airpod pro has force-touch sensor to handle playback and calls and an additional customizable function to use for summoning SIRI, choose between features of noise cancellation and its transparency feature. This force-touch button was a little problematic as it was not easy to force touch such a small stuff that is in you ear.  The transparency feature is to allow you to have short chat with people around you by allowing the outside entre you ears even when you are wearing the earphones.


One thing that is a little setback is that you can fully utilize the earphone only when you have an iOS device with you already especially for noise cancellation and Transparency features.

The charging case has also undergone some changes it smaller and wider now and has cavities that easily accommodated the earphones. Although, usage of lightning cable still is quite disappointing as Apple is expected to shift to USB-C, given its own products are using the same.

The earphone last around four hours with single charge and continuous usage and the case is able to provide charging for more than four times resulting in more than 20 hours to music listening experience.

Sound Quality

It’s a no-brainer that we can safely expect the best quality sound from Apple. The sound was clean and immersive due to the noise-cancellation and the new in-ear design of the earphone. The earphone is comfortable with all kinds of genre and the best part it adjusts itself according to changing songs of different genre.

Plus, the ‘Adaptive EQ’ adjusts the equalizer according to the shape of the user. Overall, you can be assured of having best listening experience and sound quality out of this earphone.

Final Words

Airpods were popular ever since they were launched and Airpod Pro take it one step ahead leaving Apple in a better position to capture the leading position the true wireless earphone market. They are with their own set of trivial issues like lack of volume control, problematic force-touch button and use of lightning standard but all these can be easily overlooked by the overall great performance of this earphone. So, you can bet your money easily on it as well as on buying the great Apple AirPods Pro from Astore Kuwait.