Apple Watch Series 5: One more step towards perfection

Apple released the latest of its smart watch, the Apple Watch Series5, in year 2019. It is the sixth smart watch from Apple that belongs to 5th generation of Apple Smart watches. Although it not much different from Apple’s Watch series 4 but it is surely a good watch and currently the best smart watch in the market. Let’s have look on its positive and negative sides.


# Premium design

The watch is undoubtedly beautiful. Looks very classy on wrist and has a premium design. The casing can be of  any of the four materials like stainless steel, aluminium, titanium or ceramic with the aluminium-built version being the cheapest among them. This, however, does not affect the performance of the watch in any way. The display varies in size between 40mm and 44mm. The bands are also available in various categories like Sports, Loop, Leather, Stainless-steel etc. 

# Always-on display

The biggest change in the Watch 5 is the always-on display and the best part is the watch does it without any noticeable compromise on battery life. It has an energy efficient LTPO-OLED screen. In the ambient mode, the display dims down and the refreshing rate reduces from 60 Hz to 1Hz i.e. refreshing once in a second. Thankfully, some form of colour is retained in the ambient mode.

# Fitness and Health Tracking

The Apple watch is great for general fitness and health tracking. The watch can collect fitness data like calorie counts, number of steps, VO2 Max data etc. Plus, it can also identify some of the specific workouts like swimming, biking including some not so usual activities like yoga and elliptical training.

When it comes health tracking the watch just excels it. The longer you wear the watch the more data it gathers and more accurately it is able point out any unhealthy patterns existing in your life-style. This is literally lifesaving and has improved quality of life of many.


# Not for Android users

One of the biggest negatives is that to have this watch one must have iPhone 6 or later additions of the Apple smartphones. This is certainly disappointing given how awesome this watch is compared to other watches available in the market. This might do some harm to sales.

# No major changes over the Series 4

Other drawback is that the watch is not significantly different from its predecessor Watch 4. The watch has only four new features - new materials for the casing, always-on display, compass and cellular bands that can work internationally. Except for these the Watch 4 is just like the Watch 4

# No Sleep tracking

This Apple Smart watch does not have sleep tracking feature. This might be a turn-off for some people. 

But given the performance of the watch in all other areas which is unbeatable one can compromise on this feature. Also, there is a trade-off of using the sleep tracking feature of the smart watches as it becomes difficult to find time to charge the watches.

So, that’s about it. Over all this Apple Watch Series 5 is a great smart watch to have on your wrist. From looks to performance it is just great and there are very few reasons for not buying it.