Best Anker Phone cases for iPhone 6/6S/7 and iPhone X

When it comes to phone accessories, Anker needs no introduction. Anker has carved out its special place in mobile accessories. Here, we will discuss the Anker’s best iPhone cases for iPhone 6/7 and iPhone X. 

Anker Karapax Touch iPhone X Case

Anker Karapax Touch is a great choice because of its fine balance between providing protection to the iPhone and having a streamlined body design so not compromising on the overall look of the iPhone. Also, it is semi-transparent, so the iPhone inside would be visible.

The use of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) allows the case to remain clean and wrinkle free unlike the silicon based cases. There are also air-bags on the corner of the phone case adding to its security quotient. Plus, Karapax has included anti-yellowing properties in it to overcome the yellowing tendency of TPU.

The large opening at the bottom is a welcome design because it makes it easy to use the third-party accessories, which is not always the case with all the iPhone cases. Similarly, the elevated camera opening protects the camera lens as well.

It’s an awesome protective case that does not compromise on the iPhone’s design.

Anker Phone case for iPhone 7

Anker’s PowerCore 2200 would be the best Anker phone case  as apart from protection, it would also be able to provide power as well to the phone. It has small form factor and is very reliable in performance. Its awesome design with attached cables that allows you to free the Lightning port whenever you need to do so is a great plus point in its favour. All these properties make it an easy to use and dependable battery back-up for the iPhone 7 users.

Some of its notable Features

The Anker PowerCore 2200 battery case is lighter and slimmer than other charging cases, thereby, quite easy to carry along in pocket without any hassle. It’s the first quality that a customer looks for in a charging case.

The lightning cable of the case is attached to it and can be plugged out of the phone when the person does not want to charge the phone. This is another awesome feature that every consumer wants i.e. a free lightning port whenever required.

One great thing about this case is that a shortcoming on one part of this case contributes towards an added advantage on another part. For example, the limitation on its capacity side contributes to its small size. Similarly, lack in charging speed remains a non-issue given its high portability.

Overall, the phone case is a great choice for iPhone 7 users with all its limitation taken into consideration.

Ultra Slim Battery Case for iPhone 6 /6S

If you can get the performance and reliability of Anker at a price almost half of its competitors, nothing can be better than that. This is the case with the Ultra Slim Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S. It comes with a Micro-USB charging cord and a headphone extender and can charge a completely drained out iPhone 6 in just over 2 hours. 

It has three cut-outs for the buttons. The only drawback found is the thickness that may interfere in reaching the side buttons. But given the price and performance it is an awesome product to go for.