Best JBL Bluetooth speakers in different categories

This speaker is able deliver great quality, crystal clear sound on all ranges and at good volume levels. And you can enjoy music of almost all genres. So, if you are searching for a speaker with best sound quality, then JBL Charge 4 is where your search ends.
Other than that, the speaker has a great 7800 mAH battery with back-up of 20 hours, you can even charge your devise connected via USB port. Its IPX7 waterproof, very rugged and durable so take it anywhere you go, it will be able to survive with you.

Most powerful: JBL Partybox 300

This big boy is the most powerful one in all the JBL speakers with a total power output of 100-120W. It is so powerful that it can easily handle an entire concert with is outstandingly loud volume and deep bass with great sound quality on both high and mid-range thanks JBL Signature Sound. Also, the speaker provides a lot of bass response with full panel lighting effect. With a battery life of 18 hours, it is very suitable for some music genres like EDM etc. that sound astoundingly well on this beast. 

This JBL Bluetooth speaker also supports inputs from microphone and guitar. So, for our amateur singers, this can be their reliable partner in crime.

Best Mini and Portable Speaker: JBL Clip 2 

This cute little speaker is my personal favourite. It has small, round, durable, highly portable and great performing.

JBL Clip 2 is for those who want to take music everywhere they go. It’s highly portable thanks to its carabineer. Just clip it on your clothes, bags or anywhere you like and it will follow you everywhere without any demand or complain. This little fellow is very durable, tough and resilient and is able to survive water with IPX7 waterproof rating. And all these, with clean, crisp sound output at great volume levels for 8 hours of battery life.You can connect your device with the help of Bluetooth or cable. It can also work as an awesome speakerphone.

This speaker is certainly a wonderful companion for music and adventure lovers.

Most Beautiful: JBL Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speaker 

This is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the JBL speakers in the market with its 360⁰ sound firing and lightshow display of LEDs. LEDs are the most striking feature of the speaker and eye-catchingly beautiful. These lightshow can be customised with the help of JBL Connect app perfectly to suit your preferences and you can also synchronise the lightshow of one Pulse 3 to that of other Pulse 3 speakers to create a spell bounding display of lights. The speaker is IPX7 rated waterproof and provide a battery back-up of 12 hours. Thus, they are not only able to add life to the partied but also outlast and survive the wilderness of parties.

The speakers are able to easily connect with devises and with JBL Connect+ technology, they can wirelessly connect with other JBL speakers with same technology and amplify the output and maximise the fun.

When it comes to sound quality the Pulse 3 makes no compromise. They provide great sound without any distortion even at high volume levels. This makes them a best choice for party lovers. 

So, this is our list of best JBL Speaker in different categories. Hope it helps you in making a good choice.