Best Wireless Sport Headphones to Boost your Workout

The best sports headphones are those that can help provide music for a motivational boost while in the gym or on the trail. Whether you're lifting weights or running out in the countryside, the wireless sport headphones can give you the push you need to go the extra mile. Sport headphones differ from typical wireless earbuds in that they're designed to withstand more jerk, yet, at the same time, deliver that thumping beat quality to get you pumped up.

The sports headphones are slightly angled and have ear hooks that allow the in-ears to be worn not only over the ear but also in the ear canal. This ensures a secure hold so that the headphones will not fall out, even with fast and jerky movements. Anker's SoundCore Spirit Pro is perfect wireless headphones for your workout. They are characterized by metal build and compact design with a lightweight and a sweat-resistant nano-coating designed especially for your sporting challenges. In addition to a high level of comfort and a firm hold, they also offer good sound quality and a 3-button remote with an integrated microphone for controlling iOS and Android sound systems.

Here are some reasons why you need to have the Spirit Pro on your wish list.



These lightweight earbuds come bundled up with EarWings, the ear hooks, which are essential addon if you plan to use Spirit Pro for workouts. They make it pretty much impossible to fall off even during an intense workout accidentally. You will also get extra EarTips and EarWings of different sizes to fit your ear perfectly.




The SoundCore Spirit Pro has an IP68 rating for water resistance – an impressive feature. In addition to being able to survive contact with water, the Spirit Pro wireless earbuds can also easily handle your sweaty workouts. They will not suffer internal damage from sweat and other liquids.



The audio quality of the SoundCore Spirit Pro is way too good for a product in its price range. The sound is relatively well-balanced, with no distortions. The Spirit Pro earbuds allow you to boost its bass even further with the press of a button. These headphones are also ideal for gaming as well as watching videos on the go.



Spirit Pro offers up to 10 hours of wireless audio playback between battery charges. They have a micro-USB connector for charging.

The SoundCore Spirit Pro earbuds are indeed affordable. Also, Anker SoundCore Spirit Pro reviews by the customers are excellent, with 100% satisfaction.

If you are out with friends and want music loud, I recommend you to consider Anker SoundCore XL. It is a waterproof portable speaker with excellent sound quality. You can also use it as a power bank to charge your devices.

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