Car Phone Holder: Providing Convenience to the Customers

Are you good with the directions? No? Do you also rely on your phone’s navigation? It seems obvious that using your mobile phone while driving, be it to use the navigation or playing songs to kill boredom, is a risky action. You cannot just pull over every time you want to change the song or look which turn to take. To remedy this, investing in a dedicated magnetic car phone holder to hold the screen is a boon for all. 

The problem that arises is which phone cradle is the right one for you? With the numerous options available in the market today, it is really confusing to choose one. However, the below listed essentials will certainly help you make your decision and will end the confusion of which is the best cell phone holder for your car.

Right size for your mobile: It is essential to keep the phone at eye level. This happens to be the first and foremost important factor. The holder must also offer ease of access to the handset, i.e. should not cover essential buttons or ports. If you need to put in too much efforts to access your device, the holder does not prove to be worthy to you. Thus, it is important to buy the one that is the right size for your mobile phone.

Should be sturdy: While driving, your attention needs to be on the road and hands on the steering wheel. So, it is important that the cradle holding your phone should not wobble and the phone does not drop out. There should be a tilt swivel which allows you to position your device in both portrait and landscape viewing angle for better visibility, making it convenient for you to see the navigations.

Durability: As the key perspective behind buying a magnetic car phone holder is securing your phone, providing you with apt visibility and access to your phone, consider investing in a holder that is strong enough to hold the device in one place. A universal mobile holder is usually made of high-quality rubber or plastic material. 

Buy With RavPower

So, if you are looking for an elegant solution, RavPower Qatar is your one stop shop. In hundreds of models available in the market, we strive to offer the most important features that are the actual alternatives. Regardless of what you choose, after a few days, placing the phone in the holder will become a habit. Obviously unless you try to save and buy a car phone holder that becomes a piece of trash after those few days. 

The practical considerations noted by our team that dictate the trend are as follow:

  • ·         the holder should be attached in a central place in the car

  • ·         it should be within the driver’s reach

  • ·         it should be easy to attach in many places in the car but match the model of the phone you use

At RavPower, we understand the importance of placing the holder in the right way and thus, we offer high-end products for you to get the most out of your purchase.