DJI Mavic Air 2: A High Performing Gadget at Low Price

Drones are more like an investment for those who want to add serious value to their work like vloging, filming, etc. thanks to the wide range of service they are able to deliver.

But before anything else, you should get a permit from Ministry of Interior if you want to fly one in Kuwait. Once you have it, the DJI Mavic Air 2 can be a great choice. Let’s see, why? 


It has small, foldable and light weight design to carry it easily anywhere you want without it weighing you down. It has great safety features and a really great camera and overall features to add more value to your endeavour.


DJI Mavic Air 2 has many features to make its flying more enjoyable and fulfilling. Most notable are its flying safety features. It has an obstacle detection and avoidance system, called APAS, which makes the drone to change its course automatically with the help of forward and rear sensors. It also has a downward facing sensors help it hover without using GPS.

The drone is operated with the help of DJI Fly app, which offers various flight modes. Like, Normal Mode to operate the drone with normal settings. Sports Mode, in this mode, the drone flies faster, however, the obstacle detection gets disabled. Third is Tripod Mode, in this the drone moves slow. This mode is good for capturing still photos. Next is Orbit mode, in which the drone revolves around a fixed subject. 

You can also use different types of functions to add effects to your recording like Straight Pull back function and Boomerang function as well as tracking function to capture a moving object while flying over it continuously. The tracking function can be combined with Orbit mode to cover a moving object with continuously orbiting around it.

The Mavic Air 2 that was launched in North American market also had Air Sense on it. It is a ADS-B transponder to warn the user about the presence of a manned aircraft nearby.


The camera is of 48MP. It captures in DNG and JPG format and uses Quad Bayer sensor design for it. With Smart Photo shooting modes, the drone is able to detect the scene and shoot great pictures by optimising the settings accordingly. This will get you unbelievable pic for your store.

It can shoot video of 4K quality up to 60 Fps. You can also alter the resolution according to your requirement. And if you want speed ramping, then you have to satisfy yourself for 1080p including Hyper-lapsing.


The remote is different from its predecessor and does not have an LCD. You need to stow your mobile phone for display. The connectivity between drone and the controller is commendably sturdy and remains so up to the wind speed of 23.5mph.

The drone can be called back to home by a single press of a button. Plus, the drone can be traced with the help of Find My Drone option.   

In Short:

With great camera, great connectivity, small size, obstacle avoidance, it is, by far, one of the greatest products under 300 Kuwaiti Dinar (or $1000) that would find many buyers for its performance.