DJI Spark: A Small and affordable Drone for beginners and Dronie-Lovers

DJI Spark  has been designed for dronie-lovers. It is a small yet sophisticated drone which any one can fly without gaining expertise in flying drones. Plus, it is the most affordable drone having the trust of DJI. 

Noteworthy Qualities

DJI Spark boasts of some cool features like obstacle detection. So, it can save itself from any obstacle while flying its highest speed of 31 mph on Sports Mode. Further, the drone is able to maintain a safe distance from user when they are using gesture controls.It also has dual-band GPS which means the it uses two frequencies from the same satellite for better positioning of itself. This is combined with its visual positioning system that help it to hover up to 98 feet above the ground.The drone also uses both Electronic image stabilization and mechanical method of stabilization with dual-axis motorised gimbals.

As far as the flying is concerned DJI Spark uses Quick Shot Intelligent Flight mode to provide you great shooting experience. The mode includes Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix.  Plus, it also has Tap fly and Active Track mode.

Other Features and their performance

One of the reasons for its low pricing is that you only get the drone Spark, one battery and props and nothing else in the box. Although there are no issues in flying the drone with your mobile but it is the controller that take it to its full potential as flying with the help of phone the limits the range to the WIFI connectivity of the phone i.e. up to 100 metres in distance and 50 metres in height. Also, you need to download DJI Go 4 app for it.

However, DJI offers a special package under which you get the drone and its remote controller, extra props, prop guard, two batteries, a charging hub and a carry bag in a single package which is available at great deal.

One of the most useful quality of this drone is that it can be charged using a normal USB cable. This is a great feature as you would be able to charge this drone with the help of any normal power bank.

The Gesture controls works really great as was being projected earlier in the promotional phase. Hold it in front of you so that it can recognise you and release it once the front LED turns green. There are numerous gestures for you to communicate with the drone. Waving to the drone will result in drone flying up and away to a specified distance after which it will start tracking you. Make a square using your thumbs and fore-fingers and it will capture a photo of you. There are many more gesture controls like this.

The 12 Megapixel camera is excellent and provides high quality photos and videos with video quality being up to 1080p.

Considering its size, the battery is decent and can last for about 10-14 minutes and it gets fully charged in 45 minutes.

Final Words Over all its an awesome drone for non-professional usage despite having some qualities of a professional drones mentioned above. And all this you get at an unbelievably small size. So, do check our website if you are looking to buy this DJI product in Kuwait.