Eufy Cam 2: Better product and even better services by Eufy

Eufy Cam 2 is the product of Eufy from Anker. The product and services provided by Eufy have always been different and better than others in the market and in case of this Eufy Security camera it is no different.

Look and Design of the camera

The camera is elongated in shape and sturdy in built and is completely white from all sides and black on the front.

The camera come with HomeBase which is the key stone of whole set up which comes included in the box. HomeBase is also white from all sides. HomeBase is really the brain of the total operation which stores the footage.


Overall, the performance of the Eufy Cam 2 has been exceptional. It is an outdoor camera that requires HomeBase and Eufy app to function. Homebase can support up to 16 devices. The camera as mentioned above has IP67 rating making it suitable to work in all the weather conditions even when the temperature is at below freezing point or there is heavy rain.

Eufy utilize it proprietary communication technology which results in more power- efficiency, instead of utilizing Wi-Fi. The ability to host 16 devices allows HomeBase to expand further included boarding Eufy Video Doorbell 2k without any disturbance.

The 16GB storage allows you to store clips of around one month. The footage is captured in 1080p which results in more clip storage that compared to the Video doorbell which captures video in 2K. However, there is a littler issue of clarity and sometime it becomes a littler difficult to recognize the person standing a littler far from the camera. All in all, it does not ruins essential details and the camera works extremely well within 60 to 100 feet from the HomeBase.

It has a two-way microphone system that come handy to shoo away unwanted trespassers. It also has the option of night mode to capture footages in the dark.

The clips are then directly stored in HomeBase to prevent damage to the footage in case of threat to the camera. The 16 GB storeage is enough for one months worth of storage adfter that the older footage are getting started to be erased.

Battery Performance

Batter performance completely depends on usage. Under right condition, the battery can last up to 365 days i.e. if the camera is getting triggere only 10 times a day recording a footage of 30 seconds each with weather being nice for the whole year. This will lead to battery lasting to 365 days. This totally depends upon where you have placed your camera which determined the number of triggers it has to go through.

Charging takes around 6 hours which means you may be sleeping without camera security in every few months. This is a minor inconvenience but not a dealbreaker.

Optional subscription price

Eufy does offer you subscription services. The subscription part is only optional, available for those who want it to be there and not shoved into your throat forcefully.


Overall the Eufy Cam 2  is an excellent device and offers tons of features at your disposable except for 24/7 monitoring and best among them is not needing the nagging monthly subscription to access your own videos from your own camera. They have worked on simple concept: your camera, your videos.

The camera has IP67 rating which implies that it is completely weather proof. It has a battery life which Eufy claims to last around for a year. The camera stores all its video on BaseStation which means that someone out there is having a peak in your videos. The clips are recorded in 1080p. However, there is some latency and issue of ranges as the camera uses as it doesn’t  uses WIFI.

All in a a great product just because of Eufy’s services.