Eufy HomeVac H11: a cordless vacuum cleaner with high portability

Eufy HomeVac H11 is a highly portable cordless vacuum cleaner that allows you to carry out small task with out going in too much hassle of using a bigger vacuum cleaner for small tasks. The vac is a product from Eufy, which is a smart home brand of Anker Innovation. The best thing about Eufy is they provide great quality product at reasonable price and this one is no different.


Built and Design

The vacuum cleaner is of roughly the size and shape of a wine bottle with height being around 14 inches. Non-slipring grip proves very helpful in carrying it around easily without risk of dropping it even with sweaty hand during work.

It has a power button that sports three LED lights. It utilizes microUSB port for charging itself, although one would may wish for a USB Type-C charger.

A vent has been provided to prevent overheating which requires some changes. About it in a while.

The vacuum cleaner is needed to be assembled once it is out of the box. You get the main machine inclusive of rechargeable battery, nozzle that holds two-piece filter that can be removed and cleaned, and a protection cap.


The vacuum cleaner operates on 5500Pa suction power, not too great but was sufficient to suck-in crumbs and dusts with ease from most of the surfaces. It has a two in one crevice tool that is attached to the nozzle to help you reach smaller or delicate areas as well as corners. The crevice tool was a little difficult to use especially the attachment of it with the nozzle.
Also, many I times, the bristles trap the lint and other stuffs in-between them.

It has a battery life of 13 minutes after charging for hours, so you would be able to use it only once in a day before you require it to charge.

Cleaning the vac was quite easy. You can empty the waste by twisting the top to release the dust and crumbs.


This wonderful product fulfils the purpose for what it has been designed quite well and efficiently. It is easy to use, easy to carry around as well as easy to clean. Its easy cleaning is one of the best features that help you keep it clean and well -functioning without too much annoyance. There is a little problem with the vent as it faces downwards that some time lead to blowing away the stuff you want to capture.

It find its best usage when there is not too much to vacuum and you just need to remove small crumbs and dirt off of your belongings like sofa, table or for that matter reaching stuff with small space like keyboard or corners etc.
Although it is fairly easy to charger, a longer battery would have been a much better option which would have been increased its applicability manifolds.


Its is definitely a great product from Anker. They have kept their endeavor of providing high quality products at lower prices alive with this. Some issues have been pointed out in this article. I have they will find some resonance. It is really handy and useful product.