Eufy Smart Scale P1: Simple and Effective Weighing Scale


For those who are not bothered about boasting about any fancy premium feature of their weighing scale and rather want it to just reflect a panoramic stat of their health then Eufy Smart Scale P1 is for you.

Eufy P1 may not have Wi-Fi or carpet support but it is able to provide all your health metrics required for a healthier you. And at the same time, it tracks your metric on a user-friendly and smooth functioning app that makes tracking easy and convenient and can sync data with other Google or Apple applications.


When you stand on this scale, what it reflects through its while LED light is your weight rest all the data is sent to its app via Bluetooth. So, you better ensure beforehand that your mobile is connected with the scale when you are going for measurement otherwise you would lose other data. This is the downside of not having a Wi-Fi, other wise the date could have been sent to cloud to access anytime and anywhere.

With around 14 metrics, this smart scale is able to track almost all the necessary metrics one would expect from a smart scale like this. Although it is kind of exaggerated as some of the metric being reflected are using a common data to reach different metrics. The latest feature to get added are body age estimate and the protein levels in your body.
Also, the app is able to maintain profile of 16 people, so you can track the metrics of your whole family. Although you need to specify every time manually about the  person whose metric are under consideration or it will get added to someone else’s graph of data.

Best thing about this whole set-up is the app. The application is very clear, smooth and user-friendly to operate and navigate. The app functions even better than some of the scales that are priced higher than the Eufy Smart scale P1.

Run the ‘Ear Tip Fit Test', to determine the best fitting eartips for your ears. This would result in your best experience with the earphone and at the same time it would maintain comfort level even when you are wearing them for longer durations.

The Airpod pro has force-touch sensor to handle playback and calls and an additional customizable function to use for summoning SIRI, choose between features of noise cancellation and its transparency feature. This force-touch button was a little problematic as it was not easy to force touch such a small stuff that is in you ear.  The transparency feature is to allow you to have short chat with people around you by allowing the outside entre you ears even when you are wearing the earphones.


One thing that is a little setback is that you can fully utilize the earphone only when you have an iOS device with you already especially for noise cancellation and Transparency features.

The charging case has also undergone some changes it smaller and wider now and has cavities that easily accommodated the earphones. Although, usage of lightning cable still is quite disappointing as Apple is expected to shift to USB-C, given its own products are using the same.


The design is not too much different from other Eufy scale. It has curved-square shape with black and dark-blue glossy surface. On the top, is the LED that can reflect weight both in Ibs and kg depending on what you choose from the button on the back of it.

The scale employs AAA batteries that are non-rechargeable but they are able to supply power for couple of months so you will not be changing the batteries frequently.

Another shortcoming of this scale is that it requires a hard surface to be accurate otherwise it the metrics will go out of the window. Although, it is not that much concerning, given that this is a bathroom scale and will be easily finding a suitable hard surface for itself.

Final Words

Despite being the most expensive among all the Eufy scales, Smart Scale P1 is still cost-economic considering other smart scales in the market and is able to provide you all the metrics that the highly priced smart scaled would offer. The only area it would lack is of having some premium feature like Wi-Fi, soft-surface measurement but it would not affect a person who wants a high utility weighing scale. So if you are this kind of person, you can buy this smart scale from Astore Kuwait at best price.