Features of Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro

The wireless Bluetooth headphones are ideal to listen to your music while on the go. Day to day technology advances where modern headphones have a newer technology that greatly improves the sound quality. The
anker soundcore spirit pro review helps to know about its features. It is specially designed with water-proof and sweatproof technology, it is also designed to resist the corrosive properties of sweat. It comes with a customized fit; you can find your perfect fit from multiple sizes of Ear Tips and EarWings for a longer period of use.

It is mainly usable during workout and sports where spirit pros dual-eq features help you to adjust the intensity of your music, while aptX high-fidelity sound enhances music quality. It provides you with a high level of comfort with an integrated microphone for controlling iOS and Android systems. Here let’s see about the features of this product.

Bluetooth connection:

The soundcore spirit pro supports Bluetooth version 4.2 where it provides a stable connection and connects with different Android and iOS systems. You can experience a trouble-free operation. 

Device control:

Into the
anker soundcore spirit pro neckband 3-button remote is built to provide easy control. During a workout, you can easily answer calls or adjust your music using control device functions. By pressing the plus and minus button you can adjust the volume and you can jump backwards and forward of your track. When making calls, the speech intelligibility is heard very clearly. 


The Spirit Pro is equipped with aptX high-fidelity audio and 6 mm graphene drivers, it preserves sound data and ensures you hear your music in the best quality possible. The mid and high frequencies have ample rooms and the bass is not dominant and the sound seems to be voluminous. When you switch to workout mode its dual EQ modes unleash a heavy-hitting wave of sound with deeper bass. 

Exceptional playtime:

The Spirit Pro is designed with an exclusive power management technology where it is engineered with a premium Li-ion battery. It offers 10 hours of exceptional playtime to keep your workouts covered for the whole week. 

Superior design:

When you are not listening to music, its built-in magnets secure Spirit Pros earbuds join together. 


To defend against the corrosive power of sweat even the highest IP ratings are not enough. Spirit Pro comes with an IP68 rating which implements a submarine-inspired structure and hydrophobic nano-coating. Around the sensitive internal components, it creates an impeccable barrier to protect it. 

Customize your fit:

The Spirit Pro comes with the customized option where Ear Tips and Ear Wings are available in multiple sizes that allows you to find your perfect fit. If you plan to use it during workout its ear hooks are essential to avoid the accidental fall off. 

Wrapping it up:

Are you looking for the best wireless headset? Then you can surely opt for an anker soundcore spirit pro where its features extremely provide quality sound. It is truly designed for sweatproof protection and Dual-EQ for intensified workouts. You will be perfectly satisfied with its audio performance and exceptional playtime.