How to Buy Right Solar Charger Power Bank?

Nothing can be more frustrating than your phone’s battery dying when you need it the most! And it gets worse if you do not have a charging outlet near you. Unfortunately, most of us know what it is like to see your phone dead, especially when you need to send a last-minute important message. That’s exactly where solar charger power bank comes in handy.

What are solar charger power banks?

No matter if you are of the current millennial generation, or are savvier with technology than our parents, it’s likely you take the time to research what exactly are solar power banks. With the fact that power banks are overwhelmingly popular and with so many options, it is important to know the best available option before deciding what you should be buying.

Solar charger power banks are the photovoltaic panels that take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to power other devices. These handy devices can be your biggest and one of the finest investments for the year.

Why solar energy?

With the spread of the pandemic COVID-19, we all have understood the importance of nature and the fact that we have been torturing it for ages now. The nature somehow is healing itself. With humans being locked inside the houses, the mother nature is returning to its long-lost beauty. So as to not being a brat again and spoiling the nature all over again, many companies have turned their paths to the solar energy. Using the sun rays to generate electricity is what companies today are focusing and devoting their resources to.

Are you also interested in picking a solar power charger? Here is everything you need to know:

Deciding on a solar charger

The first and foremost factor is deciding on the form of solar charger. The form factor you decide to use depends on the purpose you intend to use it for.

  • ·   Handheld: Handheld solar power banks are the most popular on the list these days. The handheld solar charger has taken over the market with their ultra-lightweight body, improved solar panel technology, and small, durable build.

  • Fold out: Other than handheld, fold-out solar charging powers are getting all the fame. Fold out solar power banks connect to the cigarette lighter to supply the car’s battery with electricity when it is not being used. 

Picking your capacity

Solar power banks are available in varying battery capacity. A power bank with a higher battery capacity will be able to provide more electricity to your devices, this usually comes at a cost in terms of physical size and price. If you want a more pocket-friendly unit, consider to opting for a lower capacity device.

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