How to Buy the Best Projector for Your Home?

There are so many reasons you may search for a projector over a TV. Because the projector will provide a bigger image than a TV can offer. From this, you may have casual movie nights with your friends and family. Choosing the correct projector is a simple process if you are familiar with the projector. There is a lot of consideration and choices to make when it comes to choosing the best projectors.

 You should know about the projector with the best of lumens, laser or lamp-based, LCD, 1080, projection size. But basically, the important things are to set up, audio, image quality and price. Nebula cosmos max combines with best 4K visuals, 3D audio and also android 9 to create the ultimate all-in-one home projector.

Things to consider while buying the projector 

Size of the projection

   There are various types of projectors available these days but before buying a projector you should need to know about it, the projection size is the most important one. This is measured by diagonally. But along with this size of projection, you also need to consider the distance at which you plan to place your projector in your home. Most of the leading projector manufacturers such as nebula projector provide distance calculators. So that it makes it simple to understand the calculation after that you fix your projection.

View distance

 It is the distance between the projector and the wall that is also the important factor while you are buying your new projector.


Connectivity of the projector is also an important thing. You may prefer the projector which had a USB for plugging and playing images and videos. But you want the big projector to make your home can give theatre effect; the USB should not require it. For that type of setup, you will have to keep the projector connected to a DVD player. Then only you are able to pair it with a home theatre for a surround sound output.


The condition of the screen also plays the main role. Because the projection is always made on screen as if it offers a smoother projection with high reflectance. You may use the wall and your screen but the wall needs to be smooth and painted white.

Zoom Range 

  You should also consider the zoom range and also know about the lens shift capabilities. Because these features always allow you to change the throw distance and alter the size and position. The short-throw projectors are used in tight spaces and small rooms. But the long throw lens is used for a projector in a theatre or a very large space.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio gives the shape of the video image you are projecting. Most modern projectors are having their aspect ratio as 16:9.


 The resolution is also an important factor for the projector. It depends on the input material, so if you want to show HD movies and play games, you'll want a resolution of at least 1080 pixels, also called 4k. 

The bottom line 

Other than these the brightness also the important factor, you need depends on the environment where you will be using your projector. From considering the above factors you will get the best projector for your home or office.