How to Pick a Good Smart Watch

If you are looking to buy a good smart watch, there are a plethora of options available these days. Each variety differs from each other in terms of style, tracking, and even battery life. Some brands are making smart watches with ECG, blood oxygen tracking, and heart rate alert, making it much more than a style statement.

In such a scenario, it is difficult to find the right one as one tends to get confused while purchasing. The smart watch that is compatible with your smartphone and needs should be perfect for you.

With the increasing trend of smart watches in Kuwait, let us discuss a few things that you should be aware of before buying a smart watch.

  1. Battery Capacity – Some smart watches come with good battery capacity. But others have very small battery capacity. If you are planning to listen to music throughout the day and track your fitness, make sure you check watch with a decent battery size. 

  2. For example, Fit bit wearable's have a pretty high battery backup whereas Apple smart watch has low battery capacity. Due to the large number of features provided by apple watch, the battery drains quickly.

  3. Style – Style is also one of the important factors while selecting a smart watch. The watch you choose may have many cool features but if it looks bulky you want to keep it hidden then it won’t be worthy to buy. There are many smart watches with good design as well as features. You can choose as per the design and style you want.

  4. Storage – This factor depends on how you want to use your smart watch. If you are planning to listen to music and keep a collection of tracks, then you need to buy a smart watch with good storage or the one which provides the option of external storage. Some smart watches like Samsung Galaxy Gear have low storage capacity while the Neuvo smart watch has an external storage feature as well.  

  5. Fitness – There are a lot of fitness trackers available in the market, but they may look simple as compared to designer smart watches. Apple smart watch is a great option for fitness enthusiasts as it provides multiple fitness tracking features like ECG Analysis, Sleep monitor, Heart Rate monitor, and much more. Fit bit trackers also top the list as they come in a variety of designs as style with all basic fitness tracking features.

  6. Phone Compatibility – You must keep in mind that the smart watch you are planning to buy must sync with your phone. This depends on whether you own an Android phone or iPhone. However, most of the smart watches these days are compatible with both – android and iPhone over Bluetooth. Additionally, some smart watches have standalone functionality. In such watches, you can insert SIM cards and leave your phone at home also. These are helpful for traveling purposes as you can attend calls from your phones as well.

  7. Price - At last, you need a smart watch that fits in your budget as well. Apart from well known brands , you can find tons of options in less famous brands as well.

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