Huawei FreeBuds 3i: A great attempt to pack premium feature in a lower price

It is certainly commendable effort on Huawei part to deliver a product that is able to provide features of higher end earphones at such a low price. The Huawei Freebuds 3i provides decent quality sound with features like noise cancelling, gesture controls and Awareness mode.


The most important feature of Huawei FreeBuds 3i  is the Active Noise Canceling for which it uses three microphones. The box includes four silicone-made ear-tips or varying shape to provide one for everyone and prove a great aid for the Active noise cancellation for its function.

Another great feature of this earphone is the gesture controls whose functions you can define with the help of Huawei’s app – Huawei AI Life. The two gestures are ‘double tap’ and ‘Tap and hold’ which you can use for playback control, summon voice assistant and adjust different modes of Active Noise Cancellation. Even better, you can set different roles for double tap gesture for right and left earpieces. 

Awareness mode can be activated when you don’t want to let important voices and sound to be drowned by the Active Noise Cancellation. It might be some important conversation with colleagues or family or the sounds like horn of approaching vehicles when you are on road walking or jogging. It must be important to note that there is a difference between Awareness mode and not using ANC. Awareness mode provide clearer and louder sound as if you are not wearing the earphones. And you have to activate the awareness mode with the help of the companion app.

Sound quality

The earphones are able to provide considerably loud and great quality sound specially when considering the price. However, the bass and sound of lower frequencies lack a little in clarity. There is clarity in vocals and you would not be facing any kind of disturbance like crackling or hisses.

Battery life

As per the claims by Huawei, the battery life of these earbuds is     3.5 hours and 14.5 hours of playback when supported by the charging case. However, on practical terms, when the Active Noise Cancellation was turned on, the earbuds were able to provide three hours of playback that gets extended to 12 hours when supported by charging case.

Final Words

Mentioning the positive aspects first, the earbuds are able to provide great comfort due to its silicon made ear tips and it is highly user-friendly with the help of app. Second, the sound isolation as well as the active noise cancellation are able to provide performance matching to the earbuds of higher end. And topping it all are the gesture control that you may not found in some of the leading earbuds but Huawei is able to provide this feature a minimum price considerable.

The negative aspects include the relatively short battery life, disappointing performance at lower bass and weak connection with Windows Laptops.

All in all, considering the price tag, it is certainly the great ear buds to have in the true-wireless with active noise cancellation section that is able to provide good quality sound and higher end feature.

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