Must Have Mobile Accessories

Cases/Covers – Cases or Covers, along with Screen protectors, are the most basic and most important of all the accessories. They are the first line of defence against any kind of physical damage to your mobile. They should be the first accessory to buy for one’s mobile. With advancement of technology, cases that can charge your mobile are the best choice to go for, given the lithium-ion batteries are not able to satisfy our need for long duration power supply yet. Charging cases not only provide protection to your mobile but charge them as well. Thus, keep them going for much longer than otherwise.

Screen protectors – Similar to the cases, the screen protectors are also a must to have as they protect the most vulnerable and expensive part of your mobile, the screen.  They come in a number of varieties from the ones that only protect your screen to the ones that not only protect your screen but also your eyes from harmful blue light emitting from the screen and are scratch proof as well.

Combined together, a case and a screen protector provide best overall protection to your mobile and they are a must, if you love your mobile.

Power Banks – As mentioned above, the lithium-ion batteries are unable to sustain long duration of power supply so it becomes important to have a back-up especially if you are travelling. Although, the charging cases can enhance the battery life of a phone. But they have their own limitations. While a charging case can provide power supply for a maximum of two times of the battery capacity of the phone, there are power banks that can provide power supply upto 10 times. Also, unlike battery cases, they are not device specific and can provide power supply not only to mobile phones but also to other devices like laptops etc as well thanks, to their high capacity and wide compatibility. Only drawback is that they are not easy to carry around as compared to charging cases 

Headsets – Mobile are meant to be carried around so that you can access data and information wherever you are from anywhere you want. Considering this aspect,  a headset becomes important if the information is in the form of audio. As most of the time the surrounding noise would not allow you to access the audible information without disturbance. The Bluetooth headsets are a step further and allow you to do your job without getting tangled into the web of cables. 

Anti-lost Devices/Apps –  Another must have accessory is anti-lost or anti-theft devices that help you locate your phone in case you have lost it or it got stolen. Most of them can be tied into your keychain. They work by setting off an alarm when the distance between phone and the device increases more than a certain limit. Plus, you can also add a soft-accessory like an anti-theft app which might be paid or free, depending upon your preferences. These two along with the cases and screen protector are the complete package of security that every phone needs and everyone should have.

Smartwatch –  Well, technically speaking, this is not a must have accessory and you could still do just fine without any smartwatch. But given the level of sophistication needed in today's world to stay ahead of the curve, a smartwatch becomes a necessity. Once a smartwatch gets attached to your mobile, it relieves the phone from its many responsibilities. The user is no longer required to take out the phone frequently whether for a task as simple as checking time or as complex as making a phone call. All of it can be taken care of by a smartwatch. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch do check our website for it as we provide some of the best in the business smart watch in Kuwait.

Lastly, these were the basic accessories required to allow optimum functioning of a mobile and keep the mobile safe and protected. For more information and for accessories of your mobile do check our site as we provide a wide range of mobile accessories in Kuwait at best price.