Nebula Mars II Pro 500 : You would love it, conditionally

Nebula Mars II Pro 500 is something that a typical man would find great. You can take it anywhere you want, whether it is for playing games while camping or for having a fun of watching the game in your backyard with friends coming over or the simple leisure of lying down in your bed while this great wonderful device projecting screen on you ceiling so you don’t need to stress your neck unnecessarily, Nebula Mars II Pro 500 is a wonderful companion that would add colors to your joy,  quiet literally.

However, there are some conditions, the software really needs to be worked out as it can be a real turn off thanks to its limitation. Secondly, Anker could have performed better on the audio front as the speakers perform below the standards of Anker. We will discuss everything in details below.

Battery: Satisfactory 

The projector comes with a battery of 12,500 mAh capacity that could provide power supply upto 3 hours enough to finish a movie or for binge watching. Although the device auto adjusts the brightness level to extend the battery life. This takes us to our next topic – Display.

Display: Better in its own way

The Nebula Mars II pro is able to project display of size upto 150 inches of a maximum Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 and brightness of around 500 ANS lumens. The colour rendered are great. The only thing where it stumble is the brightness which is not enough for a room with light coming from open windows. However, when in the dark the screen is able to serve you with the great watching experience with saturated colours and surprisingly good image quality. 

Sound Quality: A lot need to be done 

The projector, however disappoints at the audio front. Even more, when compared with the great quality of sound that Anker speakers are able to provide.
The speakers are able to produce sound of considerably loud but the quality degrades wherein it become blurred and with too high bass.

Limitations: to your love for it

Despite having features that can make you anyone fall in love with this device, there are certain limitations that will act as a condition to your love for this projector.  

First of all, the pre-installed Aptoide TV as an application store is limited on the front to provide you all the app you need. And whatever app this store is able to provide may not be up to date.  However, it works fine when you run it without logging in.

Another limitation is on navigational aspect which is cumbersome. Also, it is difficult and tedious to log-in with limited buttons of the remote that require you to operate onscreen keyboard with it. 

So, it is better you make the good use of its HDMI port and navigate it through you mobile.

This is for whom?

This device is an awesome gadget to have for those who love to hangout in the open with their friends and are not very peculiar about its feature. Overall, the device provides a great experience and if you are thinking of buying it feel free to reach Astore Kuwait, which serve the whole Kuwait.