The Leading Trend in Technology Anker Powercore ii 10000 Power Banks

Our phones are our dearest friends today. Not only do they entertain us but also help us to keep in touch with the ones close to our hearts. It is no surprise that all of us get stressed to see a low battery in our phone. Whether it is a work email or a missed call from your mother, a low battery can immensely impact your daily life. And it may not always be the case that you have a wall and socket next to where you are. The changing world has solved this puzzle by making power banks like Anker powercore ii 10000. Although not a novel innovation, yet I feel these have really benefited all us.If you are still not sure why I am hyping it. I will make it clearer in the coming paragraphs.


How Power Banks like Anker powercore ii 10000 and Others Work


Knowing how things work helps to understand their use in more detail. These power banks have a special circuit to control the power flow. They allow you to store the energy and convert it into a different form. This is from electrical to mobile energy.


Many power banks allow you to recharge most of your devices such as USB charged cameras, GPS systems, MP3 players etc.


It isn’t rocket science to use them too. You just need to plug in the USB wire that come along with your power bank and connect it to your phone. Once the power bank is drained you need to charge the power bank too! Most of the power banks have separate input and outputs. An indicator will be present on the power bank to indicate the battery life.


Is Anker Powercore ii 10000 Slim Worth a Try?


When it comes to portable chargers, I feel Anker has been a huge success and has been famous for all the right reasons. The addition of Anker powercore ii 10000 slim adds to the appearance factor a lot more than the others. What I mean is, this is the most elegant charger I have come across till now. The back has a velvety touch matte finish which makes it touch-friendly. The device provides extra grip to make it easier to hold.

It’s not just an elegant product it has a lot more. It charges up in as little as 4 hrs which is great for a 10,000mAh charger. This smart charger comes with a warranty of 18 months, packed in a beautiful blue coloured case that will leave you gushing over it.




Power banks can be a necessary and welcome change to your gadget collection. These will give you the freedom to enjoy without worrying about your devices running out of battery. A good way to ensure that your power bank is used efficiently charge your mobiles only up to 80-90%.As charging above this limit can often use unnecessary energy and be counterproductive. Also if possible, try to charge in the aeroplane mode of your mobile.!