Top Trends Defining Consumer Electronics in 2020

In today’s world, the demands of different types of electronics have increased exponentially.  Consumers are buying devices like a smartphone, smart TV, wearable devices, and others rapidly from online electronic stores. The global e-commerce market has reached great heights due to sales and leads from online purchase in 2020. 

The future of the consumer electronic industry is expected to reach a new height in the global market.  The electronic revolution has given exponential rise to investment and innovation in the field of electronic devices. It has supported the development of many electronic appliances such as electronic vehicles, security systems, smartphone accessories and much more. 

Apart from the big brands like Apple and Samsung, some startups have made huge investment and profit in the electronic sector. Chinese company Anker is now a well-known name for electronic goods and supplies all over the world. Their product like Anker power bank and smartphone covers like Anker phone case is in great demand.

Let us discuss some important trends that describe the future of the consumer electronics industry.

  1. IoT Technology – IoT or Internet of things technology connect physical objects which are integrated with sensors and software and electronic devices in such a way that it can exchange data and collect it as well.  It makes the life of the consumer very convenient and comfortable.  Many household appliances manufacturing companies are integrating IoT technology with their products. They are enabling their devices with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth so that these can be operated by connecting to their smartphone as well.  Companies like LG have also developed a mobile application which can monitor household electric appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and many other devices.

  2. Smart TV and other appliances - Smart TV combines the features of computers and television and provides the flexibility of on-demand views.  Consumers can set preference and make it a more personalized experience. They can also avail the benefit of direct access to streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.

  3. Robotics and Automation – Robotics and Automation technology is used by electronic companies in their plants to improve efficiency and production of goods.  This also reduces the production cost of the products. 

  4. Virtual Reality in the electronic industry – Virtual Reality also helps in increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of the overall product at the manufacturing level. This technology is used to design, test and integrate the electronic products in the initial stages of manufacturing.

  5. Social Media – Most of the brands have online social media presence across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It is the best way to grab the attention of consumers directly and keep them engaged through thoughtful and innovative ads and posts. It can be highly useful when used in the right way with the right content. Brands have to organise the content in such a way that consumers feel connected and interact with the brand account on a regular basis.

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