Why you Need Anker Roav Dashcam C1 for Your Car

Dashcams are gadgets that all cars need. But many of us are not aware of the functions that they can perform. These cameras can make your car ride worth along with accounting for security reasons. Simply put these devices are camera installed on your dashboard to record the surroundings, vehicles and your journey. Let us unfold some uses of these cameras and then look at one of these cool cameras.


1.   Be Aware of Reckless Drivers


Road accidents can often be fatal, many times the accident may not be your fault. But if it results in an accident you are liable for a prosecution. And even if that is not the case, some miscreants may bump into your vehicle on purpose and blackmail you for money. In such scenarios Anker roav dashcam c1 come to your rescue. As the entire incident is caught on camera, there is little room for anyone to lie or extort money from you. The camera video is the most straight forward and the strongest evidence that you can have. Additionally, the footage will also help you in reporting bad drivers. This will help the community from accidents.


2.   No Worry About Where Your Car Is


Petrol and diesel are not only pricey but are also a non-renewable natural resource. It makes sense if you want to prevent the misuse of your vehicle by drivers. Roav by Anker dashcam c1 will save you from all these worries. You will know how much the car was run and where it went. These cameras will also record the speeds and can be connected to GPS to track where all your car has been taken to. This is also helpful if you are letting your kids use your car. To ensure that they are driving safely and not overspeeding, this feature will come handy.


3.   Prevent Thefts and Parking Accidents

 I still have paranoia when I leave my car in the parking. My car has been scratched by nearby drivers several times. Hence I think dashcams are the only way to prevent this. It will also save you from vandals who are trying to break into your car.


4.   Record Your Trips


It isn’t the prime reason why you need an Anker roav dashcam c1 but if you are fond of road trips then it is worth it! The camera will help you relive the memories from your adventurous road trips. Trust me if you love road journeys then this would be an interesting activity to do after your trips. Just relax and experience the journey through the video.



Roav by Anker dashcam c1 records perfect videos up to four lanes of traffic and records with crystal clear clarity even at night. The cameras have gravity sensors for identifying any hit and run case to your car. It is adapted to suit a large temperature range so it won’t be an issue to install and leave. Recommended for anyone who needs the added safety of pleasure of reliving the happy journeys!.