Returns & Refund

        Y ou have 15 days from the receipt of your order to return or exchange products.

       The returns process requires two simple steps:

       1. Return the relevant products to a store as soon as possible in the same condition as supplied, in their original packaging

       2. Carry the relevant invoice

       Please note that the duration is in accordance to the relevant applicable laws in your country, and in case of offers, special conditions are to be applied.

       You can also contact our Customer service on and inform them that you want to return items. Share the required details with the customer service representative

      3- Just in case the customer wants to cancel the visa, Master and Knet paid order without a reason (changing their mind for instance) ; the payment’s commission will be deducted automatically from    his paid amount with the percentage of 2% of Visa and Master and a 100 fils from Knet payment.