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ADATA ASE800-512GU32G2-CBL Blue 512GB SSD

Brand: ADATA SKU: ASE800-512GU32G2-CBL

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Product Code:ASE800-512GU32G2-CBL

Price: 39.000 KD 39.000 KD 39.0 KWD

39.000 KD

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    In stock

    Snappy performance
    .Ultimate mobility
    .Stay intact in any harsh environments
    .Easy connection.
    .Compact and lightweight design

    1.Speed up to 1000 MB/s
    2.IP68 Rated Ruggedized Water, Dust, and Drop-Proof

    1.Exquisite hairline-brushed surface.
    2.Storage Capacity 512GB

    1.Plug n play
    2.Easy to carry

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