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EPEIOS FoElem Series EPHM501 Heal Smart Humidifier

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    An ideal humidity creates a comforting indoor condensation level that soothes your skin
    By adopting dual water processes of PTC heating element and ultrasonic technology, it wraps your room in a clean & healthy environment.
    White Noise Brings Inner Peace
    Warm Mist For Ideal Humidity
    Relaxing Aromatherapy
    Soft Night Lights
    3 adjustable mist levels allow you to set your desired humidity.
    Low Mist : Output: 100ml/h Up to 10h per full fill
    Medium  Mist: Output: 150ml/h Up to 7h per full fill
    High Mist: Output: 220ml/h Up to 5h per full fill
    Control via EPEIOS Life App.

    1. Combined Experience Of 4 Senses
    2. Adjustable Mist Levels

    1. Crystal-clear glass water tank
    2. Snap-on Nozzle

    1. Helps you breathe more easily, & keeps you and your home comfortable and healthy.
    2. Delivers a soothing warm vapor to provide relief from dry air discomforts.

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