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Sinjimoru M-Tok MagSafe Pop Grip (Black)

Brand: Sinjimoru SKU: 8809670117122

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    In Stock

    Cell phone gripper for back of phone but also functions as a mobile phone stand.

    The unique A shape of the connection part between the basement and the finger grip enhances stability when you use the phone handle grip

    Provides the comfy feeling for long-term use with the mini TPU material.

    Phone grip holder for magsafe grip allows various cell phone accessories such as phone loop lanyard wallet for Mag Safe, and is very convenient for wireless charging and stable grip with non-slip sheet.

    Compatible with magnet plate or case for MagSafe attached.

    1. 2 In 1 Multi-function
    2. A-shaped Grip Stand

    1. Convenient for wireless charging
    2. Stable grip with non-slip sheet.

    1. Use as grip on-the-go or handy kickstand
    2. Perfect for Selfie

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