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Naturehike multi-layer board hexagon table (Medium) - Inner Table

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    Style: Outside Table(M-Size/L-Size) / Inner Table (M-Size/L-Size)
    Outside Table Weight: About 9.4kg (M-Size) / About 12kg (L-Size)
    Inner Table Weight:About 4.4kg (M-Size) / About 7.8kg (L-Size)
    Bearing Weight: About 30kg
    Outside Table Size: 108x94x25cm (M-Size)/ 132x115x25cm (L-Size)
    Inner Table Size: 56x48x35cm (M-Size)/ 81x70x35cm (L-Size)
    Outside Table Packing Size: 56x21x28cm (M-Size) / 69x21x30cm (L-Size)
    Inner Table Packing Size: 50x10x31cm (M-Size) / 72x10x44cm (L-Size)
    Material: 2CM Multilayer Board

    1. Made Of 2 Cm Multi-layer Board
    2. Load Capacity About 66 Lbs

    1. Can be assembled in a variety of ways.
    2. Waterproof

    1. Transforming into different models according to the need whether for outdoor or indoor.
    2. Suitable for camping, outdoor & indoor activities.

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