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Epeios Chef Air Fryer Oven with Steam Function and APP Control

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    1. Designed by famous designers from top-class luxury brands with aesthetics

    2. Inspired by masonry oven with a distinctive half-spherical shape for even cooking

    3. 6-in-1 functionality fulfill all cooking needs: air fry, oven, bread toaster, food dryer, defrost, and dough proofing

    4. Adopts dual heating tube, a 360°circulation of hot air, and rotisserie function to ensure even cooking without flipping for crispy outside and juicy inside

    5. The heat with up to 1350 watts of power,adjustable temperatures from 50 to 220 °C (130~430 °F ) to allow for a wide select range of cooking ingredients.

    6. Locks in moisture for the perfect bake by steam function

    7. Reduces calories by up to 44.04% to achieve a healthy, juicy appearance without the use of oil

    8. The spacious 14L chamber to allow simultaneous cooking in up to 3 layers, making it suitable for any occasion, from everyday meals to party dishes

    9. 16 x Presets: fries, wings, steak, chips, fish, vegetables, popcorn, chicken, cake, skewer, pizza, toast, cookie, defrost, dehydrate, and keep warm - will get you through the pre-familiar stage

    10. Infinite possibilities and extending functions like accessing to online recipes, customizing your own recipe on EPEIOS APP

    11. With the see-thru window to see the cooking status at a glance without having to open the lid and check

    12. Auto-cleaning function, removable water tank and drain pan for easy cleaning

    13. With 4 stages of door opening and closing design to ensure safety

    1. 6-in-1 air fryer oven
    2. 16 x presets
    3. 14L with 3 layers cooking simultaneously
    4. Infinite possonlities on EPEIOS APP

    1. Replacing at least  6 small kitchen appliances
    2. Simplified Cooking in Just one touch

    1. Makes your cooking healthier.
    2. Easy-to-use air fryer oven
    3. An interior decoration even though it is a cooking appliance
    4. Sizes doesnot take up much space
    5. Easy to clean

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