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Syntech Link Cable 3M Compatible with Oculus/Meta Quest 2 - White

Brand: Syntech SKU: M32-3M

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    In Stock

    Connects Oculus Quest 2 to a gaming PC so that you can play all Oculus Rift apps & Steam VR games
    Providing the perfect PC VR experience and keeping charging your Quest 2. The color and design of the cable match perfectly with the Quest 2 headset.
    Gives you maximum freedom of movement without being restricted when you are immersed in the VR world.
    High-Quality cable can bend freely without breaking by using durable materials, having good flexibility, stretch resistance, and abrasion resistance.
    Supports bandwidth up to 5Gbps. The maximum current of the cable is 3A
    Stable and fast data synchronization working with sustained and reliable current brings you a smooth gaming experience.
    The Type-C port with an L-shaped design is comfortable to use with your Quest VR headset.
    The attached Velcro strap fixes the cable and Quest to prevent disconnection during movement.

    1. Compatible with Oculus Quest 2
    2. High-Quality Cable

    1. High-Speed Transfer
    2. User-Friendly Design

    1. Giving you a great gaming experience.
    2. Flexible & Comfortable

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